We offer all types of goods handling at our terminals

We can do that in our warehouse

  • Reloading, handing in and handing out as well as stock storage
  • Reloading of all kinds of pallet goods, loose goods and long items 
  • Container emptying, sorting and palletizing as desired
  • Pick and pack as ordered
  • Warehouse hotel, shorter or longer period; according to your needs
  • Partial logistics, where we take care of all processes in the value chain

We specialize in handling heavy goods and long items. Equipped with 42 ton forklift and crane.

Lifting and transport of 20 ”and 40” containers - also the option of storing containers in our depot!
We offer 24-hour service and can be reached 24/7/365 - on tel. +45 7367 0200 or lager@laugetransport.comContact Torben Byllemos, or +45 50920005 for a quote on your specific needs